Tricky Business- Navigate Conflict with a Team Member

Jan 28, 2024

Navigating conflict is a complex subject for most of us. We don’t seek to conflict with anyone, but we may find ourselves in a situation that needs to be resolved positively for all concerned. In this series of four blog posts, I will share what I’ve learned as a Certified Leadership Coach & Trainer who has worked with many individuals and teams to improve communication. These tips can help you satisfactorily resolve the conflicts that arise.


As an Accredited Life and Business Coach, I get invited into situations where team members or family members have difficulty resolving interpersonal issues. Often, this involves well-meaning individuals who experience emotional triggers and can't seem to see eye-to-eye. Today's blog covers tips and strategies for learning how to have better conversations and keep your love on when the stakes are high.


Resolving issues and problems may look bleak; you can feel like there are no answers. After attempting to communicate, you don't see progress or a pathway to improve mutual understanding. Yet, I believe most people have what it takes to persevere if they are open to change and learn new communication methods.


If you don't expand your capacity, the same issues will follow you wherever you go. When you have mutual regard for one another and honestly want to do the right thing, it sets a foundation for progress. I realized that most people vested in the relationship or in remaining in the organization can always benefit from learning new communication methods.


Communication has two avenues: speaking and listening. We can control only what we are doing at that moment. If we are listening, we can’t control the speaker…but we can control the quality of our listening.

 Next blog will focus on tuning up our listening skills.

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