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Welcome to Life by Design Leadership, a haven for individuals aspiring to live abundantly. 

At LBD Leadership, we envision a world where individuals from diverse backgrounds and professions are equipped with the tools they need to experience their best lives. We believe that empowered individuals have the ability to shape their destinies, creating positive ripples in their personal and professional spheres.

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The LBD Tribe

Introducing the TRIBE program - the ultimate solution for unlocking your true potential. Our deliverables include bi-monthly trainings, exclusive access to our Transformational Leadership Interactive Platform™, a private Facebook group, Life by Designs library of trainings and digital tools, 12 monthly growth focus sessions, and 12 months of live peer-to-peer guided discussion sessions. We offer exceptional systems and support to help you leverage your success and achieve your goals. Join the TRIBE program today and take control of your life!

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Leading With Purpose

Join a concentrated 10-week journey of experiential learning to develop dynamic teams. Gain practical tools to gain greater cooperation and influence with your team and every sphere of influence. Become a Transformational Leader in our course designed to give you the tools, ingredients, and recipe to lead confidently. Develop the mindset to tackle life's challenges with humor, grace, and resilience. Through online training and weekly live labs, we provide a rock-solid toolkit for life and leadership.

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The Mastery Program 

The Life by Design Mastery Program is designed specifically for ambitious, faith-driven women in their prime and offers a range of features to help you achieve your goals. You'll receive personalized 1-1 coaching to guide your journey, and 12 monthly training focuses covering a wide range of topics, including leadership, self-mastery, and harmony in your work-life balance.  Membership in The Tribe and Leading with Purpose is also included in the Mastery Program.

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