Three Avenues to Ask

Jan 29, 2024

"Most people are willing to change, not because they see the light, but because they feel the heat." Unknown author

When looking for answers, there are three areas to explore:

· Asking yourself,

· Asking others, and

· Asking God.


Asking Yourself

Curiosity (and courage) about our own lives empower us to move beyond what is to what could be. A challenge I face is the barrage of media and daily essentials that bombard my thinking and attention, which have a numbing effect on asking essential questions. It takes deliberate unplugging to stop the cycle. Asking what is right or wrong in my world is a great place to begin. Let the excellent lead to a grateful heart which has tremendous power to overflow into other areas.

For the areas that need an upgrade, ask:

· What can I control that would improve this situation?

· Do I need more knowledge for change to occur?  

· Are my attitudes or emotions preventing a shift?

· What or who can help me create the desired changes?

A few years ago, I was at a crossroads and did not want to continue in the same profession, but I felt stuck both by external and internal circumstances. The external situation resolved itself when I admitted to myself what I wanted—and delineated the steps which would be involved in learning new skills. This gave me the courage to forge ahead. Eventually, it led to a fresh start and a new business. I've never looked back - but I do continue to ask:

· What's next?

· What's missing?

· Who can help?

Next week, we'll explore how asking others can unlock endless possibilities. Until then, bring along Kipling’s great friends:

· What?

· Why? 

· When?

· How?

· Where?

· Who?

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