Looking back- decisions that affect a life....

Jan 26, 2024

Today is a great day! I got to reflect on our life and marriage through my words and how a production team interpreted what we said. Let me back up. Dale and I had the privilege of sharing how God has been faithful to us as we've shown up over the course of 40 years on CBN's the 700 Club, and it aired for the first time today.


Producers put our words together to form a cohesive story. Looking at our life through their lens got me thinking about how a seemingly simple decision early in our marriage has rippled into our current lifestyle. What's more, I'm sure it will continue to inform and inspire us as we think about the legacy we desire to leave as well.


Recently, we sold our home of 26 years and have embarked on an unconventional way to live. We rotate where we live based on our family, sunny weather, and where we own property. I'm pretty much a homebody, and my roots go deep wherever I live, so this is stretching me out of my comfort zone a lot! Six weeks into this adventure- I'm warming up, adjusting, and having a great time enjoying all the amenities of our new surroundings. I love that I still get to serve my coaching clients and training leaders too.


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