Asking Your Way to Answers

Jan 29, 2024

As a certified leadership and life coach, I ask questions of my clients—a lot of questions.

I’m trained to ask open-ended questions and listen well for the answers and to remain curious. Like a detective, I carefully probe so that the client can discover their hidden emotions or thoughts that are keys to unlock their next steps, their dreams, their future selves.


Recently, was humbled and challenged to the very core as I read a book by Mark Victor Hansen and Crystal Dwyer Hansen entitled Ask! The Bridge from Your Dreams to Your Destiny.This book showed me on an entirely different level how asking good questions can lead to amazing possibilities. Conversely, if we fail to continue asking the difficult questions when life gets tough, we acquiesce to a life of less than or worse.


There have been times when I've wanted more love, more success in business, closer relationships, more understanding, and wisdom yet failed to ask for it. I believe that I've settled for less and expected less of myself than is available to me. I'm sure I'm not alone--there are probably a few people who will read this blog post and relate.

This month, we will explore:

  • why we fail to ask questions and
  • what it takes to ask ourselves (or others) better questions.
  • How can courageous questions help us in our relationships, families, and careers
  • Then finally, how good questions contribute to your happiness and your purpose for being born at this precise moment in history.

We have destiny inscribed in our lives by the mere fact that we are human, yet I have not met anyone who accidentally fulfilled theirs. Even those who appear to be exceptionally lucky, extraordinarily blessed or unusually talented are not predestined to succeed. When you learn their complete story, you discover that they wholeheartedly prepared for and relentlessly pursued their dreams. "Overnight" success stories are rarely overnight.

There is a parable that Jesus told of a woman who had ten valuable coins and lost one. She tore her house apart, looking in every nook and cranny for that one lost coin--relentlessly looking until her coin was found. Once secure, she gathered her friends and threw a party to celebrate.  

I believe that is a perfect picture of what it looks like when we go all out looking for the treasures in life when we are seeking the best of our dreams, wants, and desires. It is an excellent thing to ask for, seek, and find when we don't give up until satisfied.


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