Life By Design Mastery Program

Empowering Your Leadership Journey


Elevate your life and career with the Life by Design Mastery Program, designed for career-focused, faith-filled women in the prime of life. Life at this stage can sometimes get messy, and in the daily grind, you can feel like you need a shot in the arm to help you on your journey.  LBD's Mastery program offers the strength of community, world-class training, and one-on-one conversations to help you thrive and live your best life. 

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Life By Design Mastery Program

Empowering Your Leadership Journey


Embark on a profound personal and professional growth journey by enrolling in the Life by Design Mastery Program. This transformative program is tailored for ambitious, faith-driven women in their prime. This program is meticulously designed to help you navigate the intricate challenges you may face on your path to success. Immerse yourself in a journey that nurtures your ambitions and empowers you to overcome obstacles, fostering increased self-confidence and a shift towards a more profound self-identity in every aspect of your life. Join us and experience the impactful transformation that will elevate your personal and professional journey.


What We will help you with

Here at Life by Design, we wholeheartedly recognize that navigating life's complexities requires robust support. Our Mastery Program is an unwavering guiding light, offering the essential tools and encouragement to propel you forward. 

Our ultimate aim is to empower you to thrive and help you fully embrace and live your best life. We invite you to join us on this empowering expedition and unlock your fullest potential with the Life by Design Mastery Program. Your success is our shared mission.

Unleash your Potential

Break free of crippling constraints!

Discover the benefits including increased self-confidence, a stronger sense of self-identity, and the ability to pursue one's goals and ambitions with greater determination. Improve mental and emotional health and gain resilience in the face of challenges. Join the Mastery program and gain personalized support which encourages camaraderie and opportunities for learning and collaboration.

Purposeful Progress

Moving Forward with Clarity!

Join our Mastery Program for personalized coaching and 12 Monthly training focuses. We will cover leadership, self-mastery, communication, navigating change, and work-life balance. Create a roadmap to your dream life and manage stress and anxiety. Experience peace and confidence to navigate every situation, no matter your position. 

Unstoppable Momentum

Becoming your Best Self!

Experience transformative coaching with LBD Mastery. Our dedicated coaches are your partners in success, guiding you with attentive listening and thoughtful questioning. Together, we define clear objectives and navigate your journey toward growth. Join us and unlock your full potential with transparent support and genuine commitment to your success.

Join Julie and Lorena, ICF Professional Coaches, in an in-depth exclusive Mastery program. Month by month you will experience life with more clarity, joy, and purpose.   We will lead you through a process to Design the Life you've dreamed about. Alter your life, clarify your goals, and build resilience that will change the trajectory of your life. 


About the Program 

Life by Design Leadership is a transformative organization tailored exclusively by women for women. Our initiative brings together individuals from diverse professional backgrounds, including corporate, entrepreneurial, and non-profit sectors. We welcome women committed to their careers and personal growth, fostering a supportive environment for empowerment and development.

Julie and Lorena, co-owners of Life By Design Leadership, joined their private practices in late 2023. Their vision is to create a community of faith-filled women driven by purpose and passion to live their best lives and dedicate themselves to one another's success. As certified coaches, they have curated the best tools and resources to elevate their clients' success. As servant leaders, they are committed to partnering with each individual to uncover their hidden talents and address any obstacles holding them back from achieving success, excellence, and joy.

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Break free from self-doubt, worry, and lack of focus, and enter a zone of empowerment designed for ambitious women like you. This program, led by skilled coaches Lorena and Julie, provides customized accountability, smart goal planning, and devoted time for personal development. Take advantage of this opportunity to alter your life, clarify your goals, and build resilience.